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Mr. Wang

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Hello my name is Vivian Zhang, and I'm currently studying at University of Miami in hopes of becoming a physical therapist. I have lived in two countries, in America for 15 years and Shanghai, China for 5 years. I speak English fluently as well as a bit of Mandarin. I am patient, open, friendly, and love meeting new people! I look forward to meeting you all, and hope to do my best in helping you practice and learn the English language. I also hope to help give you more insight on American culture life style. Coming to a new country can be scary, believe me I know from experience when I moved to China for the first time. But I will do my best to help make your transition to America easier and more enjoyable! Please feel free to make a session with me and I will be glad to tutor you! Booking appointments a day ahead of time is preferred as it allows me to better prepare myself for our session.

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